Thinking of swapping from MFT to full DSLR - Advice?

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Good advice

papillon_65 wrote:

I haven't totally abandoned M4/3's and there will be things about my OMD I will miss, it doesn't matter what system you choose there will be a compromise somewhere. I don't think size is such an issue unless you go for big telephoto lenses, it's more a weight thing. I used to take my OMD in a bag so taking a DSLR in a bag is no different, its the weight that is, that's the real penalty. I'm happy to accept that compromise, you may not be.

Yes, it is all about compromises, and which compromise suits you best for the type of photography that you do. When you are young and fit things like the weight and size of the equipment you use is often unimportant. I know when I was 23 I thought nothing of hauling a heavy film SLR and three lenses all around the Himalaya, but now my priorities have changed. 90% of the images I take are for publication (if at all) on the internet or as smallish prints (up to A4). Therefore I do not need FF systems and often my diminutive Panasonic LX3 is more than adequate for when out walking or cycling. The skill in becoming a better photographer is much more to do with training your compositional eye, understanding lighting and being in the right place at the right time.

In 2012 we were fortunate in the UK to host the Olympic games preceded by an amazing torch relay around the country. I wanted to record my contact with this so decided that the best way was to persuade some friends to let me shoot from a private patch of land on the banks of the River Thames near Henley, when the torch went by carried/rowed by Steve Redgrave and a group of young oarspersons. I shot with my GH2 and 14-140mm lens alongside my friend with his Canon EOS 60D and its kit lens. The quality of our images are virtually indistinguishable. We were both in the right place at the right time with good lighting and effective equipment that we both knew how to use. So, no surprises really.

I suspect many of the m43 users in the UK are either in their 20s or in their 60s. I am one of the latter group. When I graduated from film SLRs to digital P&S cameras, I found myself wanting more. I tried using my uncle's EOS 40D and found the whole thing just too heavy and awkward. Then I had a revelation when I handled a Panasonic G1 in my local photographic dealer. It was so light, and the EVF by 2008 standards was remarkable. From there it was on to a GF1 for when size was more of an issue, and finally on to a GH2 for when I needed a combined video and stills camera in one unit.

The OP raised the issue of the relatively high prices of m43 lenses in the UK. Unfortunately Panasonic UK are not very capable when it comes to understanding a changing world. They all too easily forget that commerce is becoming global and that isolated rape and pillage prices in one single market are no longer tenable. If only they would have the wisdom to see this and charge the same prices in Europe and Australasia, indeed everywhere, as they do in North America; then we would see m43 really taking off in terms of sales volume.

As things stand all they do is cut prices in North America in a vain attempt to stimulate volume of sales there, when what they neally need is consistent international pricing if they really want to increase sales volumes. They have grasped this when it comes to flat screen televisions, yet stay stubbornly with regional pricing discrepancies when it comes to cameras. Dumb or what?

As things stand we receive regular visits from both American and Canadian cousins. Guess what they carry in their luggage? One of my daughters works for an American company. Guess what many of her work colleagues bring with them on working trips to Europe? I have sufficient faith in the quality of manufacture of both Olympus and Panasonic not to worry about things like warranties, and a lens for the US market is functionally identical to a lens for the European market despite the antiquated 18th century English spelling in the accompanying literature.

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