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Re: True (^_^) The lack of cats is disturbing (NT)

rick decker wrote:

Some feel that a rule is a rule and if one person can ignore it, then all can and there is chaos.

That wouldn't be me for sure. If not for anything else, because I don't even know what the "rules" are around here.

I only checked in because of this feature DPR has where the "Top Threads" (...for which ranking I don't know the rules either...) appears on the right side of "my" forum (the "anything Canon you can drop there Forum").

It just struck me as curious that a Sigma user has lost all faith his "SigFov Special Look" up to the point of actually using a photo taken with another brand material to claim something as "typical Sigma forum", while not disclaiming it isn't actually a Sigma-originated image.

...and if the cryptic "Nutella" reference was actually derogatory inside-reference that was intended to signalize this was an "inferior" shot from another brand's equipment, then you guys are even more clueless than I thought because, precisely, this shot perfectly demonstrates all that is superiorly good about the combo used to take it.


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