Suitable D600 Alternative When Size/Weight Are An Issue

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Daniel Lauring
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Re: Suitable D600 Alternative When Size/Weight Are An Issue

Lot of good suggestions.  I'll throw my hat in the ring.

1.  D3100 and a couple light fast primes (50mm and 28mm) or even just the kit zoom.  It'll give you a back up body to the D600 and more reach with your lenses when you might need it.

2.  RX100.  Great IQ for such a tiny camera.  It is the camera I usually carry when I don't want to carry much weight.

3.  LX7.  Similar to the RX100, but with better glass but a worse sensor.  More "camerly."

4.  G15.  Another nice compact camera.

5.  Olympus PL5 with kit zoom and maybe the 17mm F2.8.  Great IQ.  Tons of features.  You can get an adapter to attach your Nikon lenses (manual mode, but still very useful.)

P.S.  How you carry the camera is going to be almost as important as it's size and weight.  You need to have it convenient, but not banging into stuff.  I'd go with an over the shoulder strap, where the camera can slide on the strap.  This will allow you to tuck the camera behind you...out of the way...but still be able to quickly slide and pull it up to eye level.

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