1938 Ariel motorcycle and amazing model

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Re: 1938 Ariel motorcycle and amazing model

Cheers RhysM

Yes, Kat dropped her carbs for a couple of weeks beforehand as we did some lingerie pictures in the studio and she was keen to look her best.

I agree, she is far from anorexic, a beautiful lady, toned and clearly looks after herself well.

Hi Steve

Cheers for your feedback, I put a lot of thought into the shot and how I would light it/ambient etc and this is exactly how my minds eye saw it.  You have described how you would have taken it and your style which is great.  My style is very dark and moody, a few people have mentioned on previous work that there wasn't enough detail in shadows etc but this is my style, it comes from various influences I've had over my lifetime etc.

Thanks again to both of you.


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