Hotshoe extension cable with 2 hotshoes

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Re: Hotshoe extension cable with 2 hotshoes


These 'Dual' cord TTL cables are tricky. I own single hot-shoe cords too, but of the Dual type I have examples from Yongnuo, Ishoot and Godox.

Your link points to a version that look identical to my Godox for C version.

I'm not an electronic engineer, but my take is that your 60D (like my 7D) 'expects' its hot-shoe to be communicating with a single Speedlite type device. (Neither Nikon nor Canon have ever released a Dual type I/ETTL cord.) So there will be a signature in terms of voltage at each pin, resistance, impedance and code that the camera's hot-shoe/system is setup to handle. My guess is that if you depart significantly from that, then you invite failure.

My Godox Dual cord is well made and handles a single Speedlite occupying one of the hot-shoes (either one), perfectly.

Any departure from that frequently fails. (However, there may be isolated particular examples in which that rule may relent. For instance, you may find examples where 2 identical Speedlites, setup with their settings matching perfectly, might play ball and act 'as one', maintaining ETTL & on-cam M flash power adjustment, exactly as you might hope. These will be the exception to the rule.) Are your Vivitars perfect identical twins?


Both of them are (going to be) exactly the same model. I say going to be because I haven't actually bought the second one, but I was wondering if it would be a good investment since I'm really on a budget and those things are 59.99.
I think I might just be better off buying 2 canon 270EX II and fire them wirelessly through the built in camera flash... But to tell you the truth I'm a bit concerned about flash power with those ones, my vivitar was cheap but it is DAMN powerful, I do a lot of nightclub bounced flash photography and that thing goes up and down the high ceilings like nothing... What do you think?

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