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Re: Win7 or 8... darn...

Earthlight wrote:

Leon Obers wrote:

If you are building a total new PC you can have advantages if you take time for best install options. (E.g. installing W8 in "UEFI"-mode to have set HD drives in GUID Partition Table (GPT), so you can use boot-able drives over 2 Tb storage size).

Thanks, that sounds fabulous even though I have no idea what it means. I currently have an aging Vista 64-bit system with 8 gigs of RAM and want a much faster machine.

The conventional "MBR" partition tables for hard-disks that are used in previous OS'ses have their limit to 2.2Tb. As hard-disk space is growing and growing (today 3Tb is not uncommon, near future even more). You get into trouble when using a HD over these 2.2Tb size. You need another partition table. See:

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