Is professional photography dying out?

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Re: Is professional photography dying out?

cptrios wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

3, People in general have become more wealthy and have more disposable income. there are many situations where people would not have hired a photographer 30 years ago that they would now. But you have to be the top 10% that really makes them want your photo.

Some people are becoming more wealthy. For most people, the exact opposite is happening.

That is what people have been saying since 1950s, yet everyone is living in much higher standard of living today than it was right after WW2. How could that happen.

The average American has very little money for luxuries, and in most cases that luxury money is already spent on more "important" things than photography...a smartphone, a computer, cable/ISP, the occasional dinner out. (Yes, we're still insanely opulent compared to pretty much anywhere in the developing world...that's not the issue here.)

See... These days many people buy a new smart phone per year, and many of them buy iphone, which is in my view pure luxury - a communication device that cost about 600 USD and only last for one year ( of actual use). Many many americans do this. This is a sign of wealth.

Of course wealth and rationality are two different things, these people continure to irrationally cry "we have no money."

It's therefore entirely possible that almost all of the OP's problem is that he very genuinely lives in an area in which there's no market for decently-paying professional photography. If everyone within a 100-mile radius of you has an average income of $25k/year, you are not going to be doing a whole lot of $2500 weddings.

Then do not charge 2500 for weddings. I really do not understand why eevry photographer thinks he has to charge this much. it is as if the price of film days wedding shoots ought to carry over - well it doesn't have to. Today the cost of learning photography is a lot less and time required is a lot shorter. It is not a skill that still takes years and years to develop. This is why many uncle jacks are happy to shoot their nephew's wedding for free with a half decent job.

To put things in a little more perspective for you. I live in New Zealand, Gear price is generally 30% more expensive than the US, GDP per capital is in fact lower, so it cost more to be a photographer. My friend that I was telling you about earlier, who has more than 10 contract photographers now, he charges 1500 NZD per wedding ( that is 1200 USD). That is one full day of shooting. He is super busy.

And when even those areas have hundreds of people trying to be professional photographers, the outlook for someone like the OP isn't exactly sunny.

Then be better than them all and under cut the top guys.

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