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Re: The size thing is getting old

You are right, I do want a camera that is big enough to handle properly and that tends to be rather big by m43 standards; in fact, I usually tend to choose SLR cameras on the top of the middle range, which means something like 5d; big enough to handle properly, but without a battery grip that makes it unnecessarily heavy and bulky.

However, there's that problem of sensor size; for instance, Olympus E-5 is the same size as a 5d, but has a 4x smaller sensor. Considering the fact that not all 35mm lenses are bulky and not all 43 lenses are tiny, unless you are into long telephoto lenses the justification for going with a significantly smaller sensor is rather weak, which is why I rather reluctantly let go of the 43 format, but since I had good experiences with it I later bought an E-PL1.

And there you get that mixed bag: it is really small and practical to carry around, but it is too small and unergonomical when you actually use it.

The trick is, I don't really have any of those huge 35mm lenses; the biggest one I use is a 17-40mm f/4L wideangle, and it fits in my jacket pocket. It's all human-sized, while m43 stuff often feels hobbit-sized, if you know what I mean. So yes, I do understand why someone would want a human-sized m43 body, but then you get into my original dilemma: how is it better than a human-sized camera with a 35mm sensor?

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