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Re: There's no "pretty wide" TS lens for µ4/3

Vlad S wrote:

AFAIK, the widest Canon TS lens is 17mm, which is not really wide, and for Nikon it's 24mm, which is normal FL. There are TS adapters that you could use to mount a regular 17mm or even wider legacy lens, and it would cost you a lot less than a lens with built-in TS mechanism; but all adapters are less than perfect. As far at TS is concerned we are not in a very good place at this time.


Not really wide?  17mm is very wide for a FF UWA lens, and for a FF TS lens, it is extremely wide.  These type of lenses provide a much bigger image circle when shifted.  So a 17mm must be qbout 12mm (guessing here) and for FF, that is beyond extreme.  24mm is also really wide for a TS lens.  They are other more common or less wide tilt or shift lenses, like 28mm or 35mm lenses.

People often talk about IQ and DOF as the signficant drawbacks of a smaller sensor, but this is also a significant weakness for the small formats like M43 - tilt shift lenses, or for use in this type of applications, because of the high quality and big enlargements associated.  The cost and requirements in these lenses are such that TS is simply not worth it for M43, and not even for APS-C.  That's why they are made mainly for FF.  Using adapters to amount those FF TS lenses are silly, because you reduce the width of such lenses so substantially.  If you can afford these super expensive TS lenses, it is advisable to just buy a cheap FF camera for any serious work.  TS lenses made for smaller formats are not worth it.

A cheaper way is to use bellows, but it gets very complicated.

No, I do not think there will ever be a TS for M43. No point.

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