Long Panos on Epson 3880

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Re: Long Panos on Epson 3880

"I am going to need something to flatten these sheets, aren't I?"

By a lucky coincidence I asked the UK importer of Breathing Color that same question yesterday. I have just bought two 'sample' rolls and once cut into sheets they are unuseable. He replied:-

"A cheap and relatively effective method for removing curl is to use a tube
(such as the inner tube from a used roll or similar) and cover in something
soft such as the thin sheets of foam that is often used for packing. Using
the protected tube you can then roll the paper (carefully) in the opposite
direction, preferably wearing white cotton gloves. We have used that
technique ourselves quite a lot here for samples but so far only for matte
fine art papers, should do the trick with photo paper too though. "

I have yet to try his idea and would obviously like to hear of any other suggestions in case this does not work.


London UK

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