Switzerland already more European than the UK?

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Re: You have sweet illusions

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The EU has not kept the peace in Europe, NATO has, it's as simple as that.

I'd say Nato has protected us from the Soviet Union. That was its purpose. Europe has created peace within Europe after two awful World Wars.

and that is the point. The EU was a political project not an economic one.


It's just nobody told the British people about this agenda.

The reason why Britain does not need to be a full member of a single currency and federal superstate is because Britain's history is so different to the history of the Europeans, who could not stop invading and destroying each other for hundreds of years.

Britain was a very active part of this "mutual invading and destroying", as you should know.

When was the last time Britain invaded a European country as opposed to defending it?

Britain stood apart as an island race


You never heard of the Battle of Britain then?

but was able to come to France's rescue

which rescue? You mean Dunkirk? Or the bombing of French cities, or the sinking of the French fleet? Come on!

Give me a break, you've never heard of D-Day? As a German you have the audacity to attack the British on our record of defending others! Have you not forgotten the carnage your country inflicted on Europe and the world? not once but twice in the last 100 years! Seriously, you need to brush up on your history and take a good hard look at yourselves.

twice in the last century, something that the French have never forgiven the Brits for

As opposed to welcoming the German invaders you mean? tell me, hows Alsace and Lorraine worked out for you and the French? Please don't tell me you speak for the French. I holiday in France and have never had anything but a warm welcome. Perhaps you should visit Oradour Sur Glane and ask the locals how they see the Germans compared to the British because I wasn't feeling the love for Germany when I visited there.

As for UKIP, they will have their day and then implode,

I hope so

There's plenty of mileage left in them yet fortunately.

single issue parties can't last in the first past the post voting system. All Britain needs is free trade with the EU.

Free trade? What for? Britain, deindustrialized as it is, has not an awful lot to offer. And free trade is quite a bulk of EU law.

Really? how do we figure as a top 8 economy then?

Britain already does not have much of a voice at the table, the French have seen to that,

I don't know what you mean, and I think you don't either. But I know if Britain should leave, then its influence on EU legislation will be about the same as Norway's or Switzerland's, and Britain will still have to implement EU law.

We'll see won't we.

the CAP

pardon: what is CAP?

is nothing short of a French tax on the rest of the EU and it should go.

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For the person who is good with a hammer, everything in life tends to look like a nail.....

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