NEX 6 - I could kick myself!

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Re: NEX 6 - I could kick myself!

I for one like that the review didn't give the camera a Gold score and if it impacts Sony sales of the camera - even better.

Why? Because it would be a good lesson for them to listen to their customers and start fixing some of the most absurd and easily correctable choices they have made:

-No touch screen: very valid and big minus. And you EVF lovers don't bother arguing it. Anyway you put it - it would have been better to have it and disable it if you don't care then for the rest of us who want it not to have it at all.any of us would gladly spend another $50 just to get it.

-No max ISO setting: just a silly software tweak. Get of your butt Sony and do it - people want it.

-No Auto ISO in manual: what I said already re: butt

-No PDAF in movie and low light: really Sony on a mirrorless no PDAF in movie. And no PDAF in low light just where CDAF suffers the most.

-Zoom noise in video from 16-50 PZ. There is a thread on that...

I am sure many can add to this list. So Gold score please don't...they need to listen and respect their customers and remember that Gold requires them to really deliver.

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