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Re: Win7 or 8... darn...

Earthlight wrote:

But then again it might be a good OS as soon as you learn to look past the horrendous new look. Can I just throw away the useless (to me) new desktop and get a Win 7 like use experience?

Just look to some previous threads at this forum PC section, and you find lots of messages confirming tools that do give "old fashioned" desktop look.
See e.g.:

What about performance? What about any specific issues pertaining to photography? I guess there really is no difference?

I came from Win XP, so it is an advantage. If you come from Win7, there is no or only slightly advantage. If you already have Win7, stick with it. If you are building a total new PC you can have advantages if you take time for best install options. (E.g. installing W8 in "UEFI"-mode to have set HD drives in GUID Partition Table (GPT), so you can use boot-able drives over 2 Tb storage size).

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