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Re: The D5200 EXIFs from I-R are BS…so what is Nex-7 as well?

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LTZ470, imaging resource has made a clear statement about many of their Nikon test image EXIFs being bogus. Specifically, they use a Sigma lens that has a software bug that causes it to report a narrower aperture in the EXIFs than was actually used when coupled with some Nikons at some apertures, thereby significantly understating the exposure the Nikons got on some shots. They have repeated this statement on some Nikon DSLR reviews where the issue comes up.

The EXIFs are bogus, and don't support your erroneous claim that the E-M5 meters slower than most other cameras. Those are the facts.

See here for more info and instructions on how to find imaging resource's statement on the issue.


Cool. I had wondered about that.

So why is the Nex-7 twice the shutter speed?…lol…bogus…if I tell you the moon is made out of cheese you find some crackers...

It seems you are the cracker-finder here LTZ. You are buying all the false leads one after the other instead of checking the real evidence.

Yes, a crack in the OMD Shutter Speed vs other cameras, it's always slower and thats not good for what I shoot…maybe OK for you guys shooting statues and the like, but not for action and wildlife...

OK. If you are not really interested in the truth, then just forget it. I must admit I would have thought better of you. But apparently I was mistaken.

For my style of shooting the OMD blurs more shots than any camera I have owned…if it's Shutter slap I'll find out soon…slow shutter speeds were the most obvious culprit...

Whatever it is due to, it is not "fudged ISO". Feel free to research the actual reason for the blur. But that's not what we are talking about here. It's about the fact that there is no "ISO fudging" going on.

I am old enough now, I don't buy into nothing because somebody says so…it will have to be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt before I buy it...

So exactly what is it about the ISO issue that still needs to be proven?

I will say I respect you enough to say the "jury is still out" on the OMD for me…love the camera and just got the 12-35 and 35-100 so with 100-300 that rounds out a full suite...

This is not about whether the E-M5 is a good camera or not. You can have your opinion about that and I mine. It is about what it does and does not do with regard to ISO, which is a question of fact, not a value judgment.

Anders I can really honestly say…I hope I am wrong and I have to eat crow while it's fresh…I will gladly eat it, this has troubled me from the first outing when i did not get one unblurred shot from the OMD and saw the shutter speeds were drastically low…my fault as i should have pushed ISO, but was still dumbfounded there wasn't one sharp shot in the group shooting burst off tripod as I normally do with decent results...

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