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Re: DAM software replacement for IDImager

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I still don't understand your fixation with hierachical keywords. Any decent program can do a search based on as many or as few keywords that you care to enter. If I search for "red" I may find red cars and red flowers, but if I search for "red,flowers" then I get red flowers returned. I'm afraid I cannot see any reason for this hierachy that you seem to need, but I maybe I've missed your point?

The reason is that adding a leaf keyword automatically adds all the keywords above it.

Using an example from my hierarchy:

I'll add nature->animals->arthropods->insects->dragonflies->blue dasher->male

This picture will then show up when searching for any of the above terms even though I've only applied a single keyword.


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Bingo!  I just wrote a huge response and of course this fab new forum software blew it all!

But - yes... it is good to maintain meaning for keywords.. such as: Objects->Structures->Bridge  and  Activities->Games->Cards->Bridge    and    Activities->Exercise->Yoga->Bridge

Also, software can certainly find "Bridge" - but could return hundreds of images that you don't want... by choosing a hierarchy - the exact keywords are returned.  Perhaps not too important for the amateur photographer or home snapper - but very handy for a pro or someone who submits to stock photography houses.  Not that I am in either of those cats - but I started doing it because it is easier to do it from the start and change to a flat structure later...

OK, Thanks for that.
I now understand what you are trying to do.

Once again your needs appear to be different from mine.

From my point of view, the search facilities in Lightroom allow me to rapidly locate any image I'm looking for by entering multiple search words, provided I've tagged everything with the appropriate terms in the first place.
I don't find it any trouble to use multiple search words, the key is adding the right tags to each image to start with.

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