Which PP technique can produce these awesome colors & contrast?

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Re: Which PP technique can produce these awesome colors & contrast?

Kent Johnson wrote:

This photo is about lighting, not about PP. What time of day do you think this was shot at? Where is most of the light coming from.

Shoot in this same light, apply slight saturation and contrast boost, sharpen carefully.


Sure, this photog is doing other stuff in post but that's the basis.


I agree with Kent.  What you (Benarm) are primarily responding to is the lighting.  The depth of field, contrasting colors, and technical quality of the photography helps a lot as well.  One of the photographers on that website used to frequently post to dpreview:


Unfortunately he hasn't posted in a year.  If you could ping him and get him re-engaged in the discussions here it would benefit all of us.  It'd be great to learn a little about his technique with the camera and the software.


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