Why the x100s files are lacking

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Re: Why the x100s files are lacking

Isn't this just a myth , the old model is still the best ? It helps to comfort those who bought early & helps to clear out old stocks ? I don't have any Fuji X yet so all this is speculation from an outsider....

Keith C

It's not a myth, there's certainly something to it. As to the extent, it's hard to say. It varies from person to person.
Just like anything- to some it's a big deal, others not so much.
I think once adobe and other PP/raw programs get an angle on the x-trans sensor and figure out how best to extract the info from it, it'll probably smoke the older x100 sensor. But right now it's somewhat uncharted waters.

The photos from all the fuji cameras look damn good- we're really just splitting hairs. Both the x100 cameras will produce great photos and neither would be a bad purchase.

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