First Impression on NX300 (unpacked)

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Re: First Impression on NX300 (unpacked)

tecnoworld wrote:

it's not easy to should post unprocessed raw at ISO 1600, 3200 and 6400, side by side with one among nx20/200/210/1000

You know that with none of my recent camera's I ever did any side by side comparison that I did publish anywhere, but what I typically do is checking how far I can  push ISO performance by try and error with scenes I shot before. That is why I do believe that I can push the NX300 up to ISO6400 so 2/3 stop improvement to the NX20 I would guess that max out at ISO4000 for me.

Reason for not that many photos to share is twofold

a) the ones I did on Wednesday require (as being shot RAW) the RC LR4.4 and I did download that only yesterday so the ones I did share are all in camera raw conversion showing the performance of the onboard jpeg engine onyl (!) and I would say that different to before NX10/100/200/1000/20 that I did own or still own, this engine here is really usable up to all ISO levels that LR might be able to deal with. I am not yet able to compare onboard JPEG conversion with the LR4.4 as stated above.  So before sharing any of those let me first play with the RAWs carefully

b) lot of those images are private for the dance company I did the shooting for hence I will first review those with them before they release any. Reason is that at least few shall accompany some newpaper article. Right now I am relaxing with my girl friend, so better things to do 

The screen as such has some added space but that (on the left) is used to access some direct touch function as e.g. the AF management and some WiFi. So the image as such looks better on the NX300, means a bit more realistic compared to the NX200 especially, where the AMOLED seemed to oversaturate and you often had some disappointment coming when you watched the images later.

Comparing especially the AF its not an easy thing.

Reason is simple, as indicated before, because the AF performance depends heavily on lens you attach. So I do believe that the NX300 AF outperforms e.g. the 85, the 20-50 by far (and I cannot think of any good reason to bundle the NX300 with that lens !!!! as it is clearly a minus when reviewed when AF Performance is tested). The 45mm and the 18-55 work fine regards the AF, especially the 2D 45mm seems to be ok. I did not yet attached the other pancakes or the 60mm... so cannot tell but based on experience I would see the 30mm being already outperformed on the NX20 regards AF, that it won't be better on the NX300. I would expect the 20 and 16mm pancakes to be able to benefit from the AF speed. Nevertheless the tracking AF and the touchscreen AF is huge improvement and I got already used to it.

The touch screen allows a pretty fast AF selection and I was able to use the tracking AF (activate via touch screen) as well as the AF-C from previous implementation... I have not yet fully determined the differences but I was able to shoot three consecutive RAWs with focus followed with the 85mm

I did buy a Nikon V1 recently on a firesale here and compared to that the pure AF seems to be on par, where the "1" is better still is on firing consecutive shots.

I cannot compare it to e.g. NEX or OM but when I tried the NEX6 at Photokina 2012 was not impressed so just my 2cent (Eurocent :-D)... this implementation is better compared to the OM-D... I would still see the Olympus at the top but I would wait for some better comparison.

All in All it

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