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Re: DPReview is learning the ropes just like everybody

John A Clark wrote:

Fogsville wrote:

DPReview is relatively new to the forum business

No they are not. I've subscribed since 2002. They started in 1998

InternetBrands, Inc. is a company that has been in the forum business for a long time (many forums have hoped to eventually sell their forum to InternetBrands; DPReview are no doubt also thinking of selling the forum to somebody eventually, too.)

Er, no. DP Review is owned by Amazon ...

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They've had a forum since 1998?  I thought the forum part was relatively new (?)

Amazon acquired the website about 5 years ago I think.  I assumed the forum was to be spun off to somebody else.  btw, is there any relationship with DPR and DxO?

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