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Re: Panny 7-14 ?

Lobby Ludd wrote:

I don't know much about T/S or architectural photography, but I think the Panny 7-14 is rectilinear corrected to do this type of work. Maybe someone who knows more about it can give advice. But either way, the 7-14 is a very nice lens.

The OP needs perspective correction, not fish-eye (or other lens) corrections. The shift movement in a tilt-shift lens allows you to correct for the "falling over backward" perspective you get with a wide angle lens when shooting (for example) a tall building.

Two examples - the first with a P&S showing perspective, the second with a FF DSLR and TS lens: Duomo (G12) and Duomo (Tilt-Shift). Some other examples of TS (rather heavily processed): Valencia and Berlin [flickr].

You can use software perspective correction. The main penalty of this is potentially significant loss of image quality as a result of severe stretching of regions of the image. Whether this matters or not depends on the usage - for many web uses, it may not matter.  If it is a problem, you can compensate by shooting a panorama with a longer-than-necessary lens and stitching to get a super-high resolution image. You can then apply correction to this.

What you get from a FF DSLR and TS lens is excellent image quality with very little effort. It may be worth buying a budget FF DSLR and TS lens if you talk a lot of images that need correction and want the best possible results. Alternatively, if you can use software correction in the interim, there are rumors of some u4/3 TS lenses coming from Samyang.

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