Why the x100s files are lacking

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Re: ?

samhain wrote:

Not at all.

Lol I should've known that was coming.

Well, I thought someone sharing test data that provides fuji's true iso's (which vary greatly from fuji's stated iso's), how it effects the files, providing explanations as to exactly why the photos have a certain 'look' that everyone keeps talking about, reasons why Lightroom & other processing programs have had such a hard time with the x-trans sensor files and then giving an opinion on the cameras' files and how they differ from each other having owned the x100, x-pro1 & xe-1- all in one post- well i thought it was pretty informative.
I take it you already knew all that stuff?
I haven't seen any of that info anywhere, just lots of questions & speculations.

I guess we all have different opinions as to what 'information' is. I found it pretty interesting so I thought I'd share it.

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