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Everyone please keep in mind that my experience and knowledge when performing such tests is limited, but I did my best to keep consistent.  BTW, the focus point of the shot is (attempted to be) the "Yashica" label.  I find a bit more detail in the X20 in the second set shot at 100 ISO.  Since I am a JPEG shooter, I have been paying particular attention to discussions on the X20's performance in this department.  That being said there are other things that the X20 brings to the user that I really enjoy such as the LCD overlay in the OVF, potential for faster AF in good light via PDAF, focus peaking (although I use mostly AF), etc.  Speaking for myself, I think I'm in a paralysis by analysis stage.  This is obviously my problem, and not the camera's doing.  I should have been patient and waited for early adopter feedback instead of being an early adopter myself 

Thanks for the photos. At the edge of the lens cap, I see substantially more detail in the first of your pictures than in the other 3. But I have no idea what that means. Either all these pictures are good enough or none or them are. I think the LCD overlay and the faster AF make this a camera that will be  more fun to use. Enjoy it.


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