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Re: DPP, Lightroom and Photo Ninja, samples

aftab wrote:

Highlight recovery

LR/ACR has the best highlight recovery, better than Capture One and much better than DPP. Now, Photo Ninja beats them all.

Look at the man's nose and woman's forehead. This is a common problem when shooting outdoors or using direct flash.

In addition to taking Highlight slider to -100, I also tried lower exposure and contrast in Lightroom to match the Photo Ninja result, no luck. Photo Ninja came up with this by default. Amazing, I think.

In this example sun was behind the statue.

No hint of cloud in DPP despite using the highlight recovery slider to max. Isn't it interesting that Canon's own software is not able reveal the hidden detail captured by its own camera? This is default output from Photo Ninja, no adjustment done. Cleverly enough, Photo Ninja knows that when background is too bright and the foreground is dark, it needs to recover highlight and at the same time brighten the foreground. Lightroom's default algorithm is not that clever.

Here I goofed up the exposure. I was in a moving bus, didn't have time to adjust it.

In DPP again used the highlight recovery slider to max and lowered exposure value by -2, yet no sign of cloud or blue sky. Lightroom got the color of the sky wrong.

I agree that highlight recovery is difficult with DPP, but are you 100% sure you did this one right?

As far as i know the DPP highlight recovery is done with the slider to minimum, not max, which of course may be confusing compared to ACR/lightroom. (Pulling slider right means brighter both on highlight and shadow in DPP.)

If possible, i would like if you could post the raw files, so i can see for myself too. I do find the PN-images impressive though.


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