TG-2 sample shot at ISO 100 and my initial impression

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Re: Could you clarify, please

BorisK1 wrote:

Would you mind clarifying:  Did you set the resolution to 3MP in non-HDR modes yourself, or did the camera change to 3MP as you selected HDR, and then remained at 3MP even when you left the HDR mode?  Or did you shoot all the samples as HDR?

Thank you!


I first test shot the camera at 12 MP.  Than I tried HDR and handheld starlight in scene mode which has only 3MP

Than I switch to aperture mode and P mode.  Base on my memory I haven't change any settings but any subsequent pics become 3MP

Later I try the magic mode with "sparkle" filter which I manually change from 3 MP to 12 MP so subsequent pics are OK

My understanding right now is that if after using HDR and handheld starlight in scene mode you have to manually change back to 12MP in P mode or A mode

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