F-22 Raptor at Red Flag 13-2

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Re: F-22 Raptor at Red Flag 13-2

Glenn Bloore wrote:

Airjeff wrote:

Nice work Glenn! I noticed media day weather was reported as overcast, but it looks like it worked out fine. The D4 and 500 is probably the perfect setup. For the runway shots, it looks like you used 200. Was that the 70-200?

I'll be over the fenext for the 2nd half of 13-2. Can't wait.

Hey Airjeff,  Thanks for commenting.  The weather was pretty tricky and there was tons of backlighting.  Certainly not the best conditions but as always, sure is great to shoot these planes.

I used the 70-200 VR I on the D800 and it worked out pretty well.  I am convinced the D800 exposes at least 1/2 stop hotter than my D4.

Looking forward to seeing your shots.


Hey Glenn,  I finally finished processing and uploading.  This was my first RF and it was fantastic.  I was outside for the second week.  The morning launch backlighting is tough.  The agressors flex turn is best hope at this time. The D3S was fantastic as always, but the D800 with the extra MP from cropping and the DR for varying lighting conditions is amazing.  Staying with the theme, here is a couple from Hawaii's 19th FS and Nellis's 422nd T&E.

D800 + 300/2.8 + TC1.4

D800 + 300/2.8 + TC20III

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