New image editing rig - help please! 10 bit graphics etc...

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Re: New image editing rig - help please! 10 bit graphics etc...

Thanks kelpdiver!

kelpdiver wrote:

As noted, you do have to get the Firepro or the Quadro.   In the $150 class, I think the Firepro V5900 is a better call than the Quadro 600 as it has 2 DP ports instead of 1 + the DVI port.  I have one 10bit screen in horizonal, one in vertical, and a 3rd screen for regular stuff.

Whoa, that sounds like an awesome rig!

It's very easy to do in CS6.  CS5 reports vary.  Also worth noting that plugins like Topaz are still 8bit.  LR is 8bit.

This LR thing is what got me most. I think I will skip the whole 10-bit thing at this point.

I'd suggest not bothering with a 10bit card until you have a monitor.   And if CS6 and LR are your focus, don't bother with an external card at all.  There are very few accelerated GPU functions in even CS6.  Don't believe any are in CS5.  Add the card when you have an actual need...they'll only get cheaper and faster.  Meanwhile you'll have a quieter system.

That is a good point. I will probably get a "decent" card but not a noisy one.


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