New image editing rig - help please! 10 bit graphics etc...

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Re: that card won't work, your monitor won't work...

Thanks Jim!

My replies are below.

Jim Cockfield wrote:

In order to get 10 bit per channel color with newer versions of Photoshop, you'll need an AMD FirePro card or Nvidia Quadro card.

I see. In case I will go this route I will get the Nvidia product.

That's because the drivers are not going to allow 10 bit per channel color with apps like Photoshop unless you're using a Pro level card (either a newer AMD FirePro model or newer Nvidia Quadro Model), even if the cards you're looking at have a DisplayPort.

IOW, AMD and Nvidia don't provide drivers allowing a 10 bit per channel color pipeline with apps like Photoshop unless you move to a Pro level card (AMD FirePro model or Nvidia Quadro model; versus one of the AMD Radeon models or Nvidia GeForce Models).

Right, there was a also a comment from Nvidia referenced earlier in this thread. Seems like only the pro cards will support this.

But your existing HP display is not capable of 10 bit per channel color either.

True. My experience with this monitor is that the grayscale gradient is quite good at the factory defaults as far as 8-bit displays go. As soon as I calibrate and profile it the gradiend becomes posterized. It does not become unusable but I would like so much better.

So, I have been thinking whether this 10-bit graphics card/software thing would give me the smooth gradient after calibrating/profiling this monitor is capable of in default settings.

Sigh. They don't make this easy indeed.

If you wanted to move into a newer Nvidia Quadro Card or AMD FirePro card with a Displayport, *and* you bought a display capable of 10 bit per channel color; then you could get that feature with *some* applications.

With CS5, support was marginal for that feature (10 bit per channel, a.k.a., 30 bit color); and you'd be better off sticking with using a FirePro versus Quadro Card to have a better chance if it working OK.

With CS6, you should be able to get Nvidia Quadro cards working with 10 bit per channel color, too.

I see. I will update my CS5 to CS6 this year. That said, these days I do mostly everything in LR4 and was shocked to read that it does not even support 10-bit display pipeline.

But, forget using consumer level cards (Nvidia GeForce or AMD Radeon cards), as they're not going to allow 10 bit per channel color with Photoshop.  You'll need a Pro level card (Nvidia Quadro or AMD FirePro) with a DisplayPort and monitor capable of 10 bits per channel to get that feature.

Also note that Lightroom isn't going to support 10 bit per channel color, period.  Very few applications will.  CS6 will (provided you're using an Nvidia Quadro Card or AMD FirePro Card with the correct drivers).  But, most applications will not allow 10 bit per channel color (and that includes the actual Windows desktop, as it's only capable of 8 bits per channel).

Seems like the 10-bit is not ready for primetime...

Personally, I wouldn't go to that much trouble, just to get 10 bit per channel color support in Photoshop (buying a Pro level Quadro or FirePro card, monitor that supports it, etc.), especially since the *only* place you're going to see any difference is while working in Photoshop, as the output is going to be the same, even without that support.    So, why go to a lot of extra trouble just to see 10 bit while editing in very few apps that support it (and again, Lightroom doesn't support 10 bits per channel either).

I am thinking of skipping it this time around... Seems like the manufacturers need to give it a few more years still. Maybe later I can swap the graphics card if the technology matures a bit.


ps. Is Dpreview behaving strangely today? I have trouble formatting this message. The cursor jumps to the beginning of the message and paragraph breaks seem to act arbitrarily.

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