Colors of DP1M, DP2M & DP3M pretty close

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Re: Images are necessary for further productive conversation

Jim Funston wrote:

I am just wondering if it has to do with HBowman using the DP2m with its older firmware and the older version SPP. Then he sold it before the latest DP2m firmware or the SPP 5.5 upgrade. Then he got the DP3m and is comparing today's DP3m to yesterday's DP2m color. I know he is a excellent photographer and seems to enjoy helping others to get the most out of these cameras.

It is hard to see any significant differences in the OP's test but I am sure these were taken with the latest firmwares and SPP upgrades (well maybe not the SPP 5.5.1 but surely the 5.5 version)

I know I personally see many color and white balance improvements with my DP2m since the upgrades and firmware update. This could be why there is a difference in opinions on these issues between the DP2m and the DP3m.

I am hoping when I get a chance to try the new SPP 5.5.1 update that I see even more IQ improvements and tweaks. I really like my DP2m!!!!

Just presenting a possible reason for the differences in results or opinions.

The odd thing is that HBowman first thought that might be the case, that the DP-3M just had newer firmware and the DP-2M would come up to the same level in an update.

Then someone else posted a thread showing some differences, so he went into thinking it was just plain different.

I don't know why HBowman does not simply go back to his original position - that the newer firmware has better color and improved all cameras.   The shots here sure seem to show that.  It makes a lot more sense to me than maintaining there is a strong difference, especially when he does not have both cameras to shoot!

It also makes way more sense to me from a technical side.  Why would the camera itself be prone to delivering different color?   There cannot be much in the way of sensor changes from the DP-1/2M to the DP-3M.  To me the thought they are different requires much more in the way of proof than them being the same, simply because of that aspect.

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