New image editing rig - help please! 10 bit graphics etc...

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Re: New image editing rig - help please! 10 bit graphics etc...

Thanks Weberpoint!

I have gathered SO much useful info on this thread! It seems like a Quadra is the way to go in case I want the 10-bit colors.

I will be getting a better monitor at some point hopefully in the near future and would like to be prepared but the fact that even the Lightroom 4 does not have support for this makes me want to take a timeout.

You are right, they don't make this easy at all. The industry has botched a good opportunity to make this a marketable feature. Now it is just a headache.


WeberPoint wrote:

You will need an Nvidia Quattro or AMD FirePro graphics card to configure 10-bit graphics.  This is a firmware issue as both Nvidia and AMD disable 10-bit processing in their gaming cards.  You will also need to insure that whatever monitor you use is capable of supporting 10-bit.  The NEC PA series, for example, supports 10-bit if connected via display port.

Both Windows 7 and 8 support 10-bit, but only a few applications (such as Photoshop CS3 or greater) recognize and display 10-bit images.

They don't make this easy.

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