Long Panos on Epson 3880

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Re: Long Panos on Epson 3880

irvweiner wrote:

Congrats, you are the 3rd 3880 user to succeed.

For paper, visit Breathing Color and order several trial rolls of paper and canvas. Cost is from $10 to $25 for 17inx20ft.

Search my posts here for more info on feeding canvas into the 3880.

I purchased a M24 Rotatrim, not cheap (~$265) but supposed to last forever according to the many Sr Citizen users that have now racked up more than 25 yrs on them. You will require the M24 for cutting canvas cleanly. However, I recently bought an Alvin (24x36) cutting matte (~$40) and a handheld Friskar 9521 rotary cutter (~$12)--adequate to cut roll stock. Canvas and paper plus trimming--a good head start.

irv weiner

Thanks, I appreciate the advice.

My only hitch on printing this one was Photoshop CS3 refused to even offer "Print" option because the original was about 50,000 pixels wide. I had to drop the res to 30,000 wide. (Which admittedly, was still over 600 dpi at this form factor.) I think they going to force my hand on the latest CS "subscription"... yuck. Maybe I can print them fullsize from Lightroom 4. Naturally if I am doing 17" x 60" I am going to want ALL of the data.

Those are great prices on the canvas.

I'm going to need laser straight edges to get this to feed straight I would imagine. I think the rototrim is the best solution for me long term.

I am going to need something to flatten these sheets, aren't I?

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