Tilt/Shift for MFT!

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Re: Tilt/Shift for MFT!

As the previous poster indicated the widest T/S lenses for Canon/Nikon are 17mm and 24mm respectively.

I have the Nikon PC-E 45. The Nikon PC-E lenses cannot be used via adapter. They use an electronic aperture and require communication from the body to operate - there is no hidden aperture lever inside the mount so an adapter for 'G' lenses will not help. I believe Canon TS-E lenses operate the same.

I think the older PC lenses (current ones are PC-E) may be usable as they lack the electronic aperture.

You are also going to have a problem with support. The lenses are quite heavy and the MFT mount may not be able to support them especially with the required adapter which will move them even more off center.

I think your best bet might be to correct perspective distortion using software such as DXO ViewPoint.

If the software solution isn't going to work and you really need to use a T/S lens, at least nowadays a full frame body (Nikon D600 / Canon 6D) costs around the same or less than a T/S lens.

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