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Re: shadows lifed even more ...

Fred Mueller wrote:

green totally eradicated ... but banding now impossible to fix completely

this is getting silly (but it's fun!)

the nefs from the 600 are even more amazing for how ridiculously they can be tortured ...

this Toshiba sensor really isn't quite as robust ... but sane individuals will make wonderful pictures with it I am sure ...

The green is gone from the green color patch as well

I agree, this is probably academic for most but I've adopted an ISOless shooting style for some situations so I'm looking for a usable solution to the cast. I just shot a scaling ISO series (ISO 200, 400, 800) to see where the color cast disappears, so that I can shoot at a higher Base ISO for ISOless..normally one selects a higher base ISO for a better ISOless noise baseline (at the expense of DR), but in this case I'm doing it to avoid the cast. Will post my results later.

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