a99 HOT SHOE does not FIT Radio Trigger and Flashes

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Not what Sony intended...

I'm happy for all you togs using old Nikon/Olympus flash and dumb single pin 3rd party radio triggers.  Good for Sony to have accommodated you and not profit a dime from it.  I'm sure that's what they had in mind.

I'm not so happy for all the 3rd party smart flash and smart TTL/HSS radio slaves who just lost their R&D cash by giving iISO the hard won acceptance we've all been waiting for.  Not so happy for those who invested cash into Sony genuine iISO flash systems either.

I don't believe we'll be seeing any 3rd party manufacturers rushing to develop the MIS.  I think we just lost all hope for that, for a very long time.  Way to think it through Sony.

And sorry folks... I'm a little miffed at those who think the new shoe is great because they can adopt competitor vintage easily.  Your willingness to express satisfaction with this is absolutely terrible for our brand.

Think about the irony if CaNikon suddenly changed to iISO...  Would it be a successful move if folks claimed "Hey, this is great for all those old Minolta flashes I had lying around".  No, the CaNikon crowd would see the bigger picture, and storm the gates with pitchforks and torches.

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