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Re: Sigma SD1M wrong colors

Roland Karlsson wrote:

anfat wrote:

It happen only that the orange is darker but orange too..


Red becoming orange or pink is an old Foveon problem. It has been seen for SD14 and at least for the earlier DP cameras. And obviously some here have seen it with their SD1M cameras. Strange that they have not told it already. If its common, it might be an important information for potential buyers.

As far as I understand, you always get it. Which, of course, not is acceptable. So ... you have to do something. If you cant find any solution ... I assume you have to contact Sigma about it.

Roland, I haven't had problems with reds...with good exposure... since the SD14 came out in 2007. Going back through my photos, SD14, DP1, DP2, DP2Merrill, SD15, reds are fine. Reds can go orange or pink if you blow out the exposure.

I've seen good reds in the few SD1 photos I took with reds in them. So I don't think it's "common" But true, someone skilled needs to analyze the OPs RAWs. I hope he sent them to Laurence, for example. The photo of the playground equipment does look peculiar.

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