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Re: Warning. Honest.

AlephNull wrote:

Steve Bingham wrote:

For whatever reason many photography users store their photos on their computer. Maybe 99.99%.

The problem is, far too few back up their files (photographs). This is a disaster waiting to happen. I use software by Acronis and back up my work every week - automatically - to an external hard drive. Using the cloud is another alternative - and some use both.

Two days ago my data hard drive crashed - big time!!!! Thousands of priceless photographs (to me, anyway) were wiped out. Thousands of hours of hard labor (editing and PP) possibly lost . . . but for my backup.

So I bought a new HD and simply transferred by backup files. One click and off to dinner!

Take head folks. Hard drives will fail sometime - all hard drives. CD's fail in time also. Usually by bits and pieces - even the "gold" ones.

My inner pedant insists that I point out that you meant "take heed", rather than "take head"

Take head is good advice also.

I hope you have more than one backup. The minimum considered "safe" is three copies - the main + two backups. At least one off-site (fire, flood, that sort of thing). What you don't want to discover is that your backup drive is faulty while you are trying to run a restore.

RAID isn't a backup, but it's still a good idea. I run two RAID NAS boxes for my backup, and I've had a couple of disk failures - replaced the drive, rebuilt the RAID, and I lost nothing. The stats show that there is a real risk of a second drive failure during the rebuild (because the disks are being hit hard during the rebuild, and if one drive failed, the others may well be close to failing), so you can't count on the rebuild being successful (mine were). I treat a drive failure in a RAID box as a "suggestion" that it's time to replace all the drives

My paranoia is enough that my two RAID boxes are different brands, and are filled with different brands of drives (one is a Thecus holding Seagate drives, the other is a Q-NAP holding WD drives). I back them up with external drives - a mix of Seagates and WDs.

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