What would be a good basic lens collection?

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Re: What would be a good basic lens collection?

GreenMountainGirl wrote:

Thanks for the suggestion.  It is always a good idea to buy when the price is reduced!  How bad is the tripod mount?  Is the problem with stability?  Or is it prone to break?  I guess what I am asking is whether I would need Kirk's remedy right away.

Its a stability issue. The lens on a tripod should be rock steady. The 300 f4 isn't, with the tripod foot will flex just slightly. It doesn't break, or rather I have never heard of it breaking. At a slower speed, using your hand to actuate your shutter, it may move on the tripod, just enough to give you an unsharp image. Using a remote release, may alleviate the problem in some instances,  but the mirror, going thru its motion of lifting, could also cause a problem. It's sounds worse than it is, but it is a consideration. Do you need the Kirk foot right away? It depends on what you use it for. It's narrow FOV (field of view) does accentuate any movement of the lens while taking  images. Because of the high speeds required for sports,  its less of an issue than say taking a wildlife portrait.

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