DPR's downhill slide continues with the Sony NEX 6 Review.

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Re: DPR's downhill slide continues with the Sony NEX 6 Review.


May I offer my own  impression of the reviews?

I feel that the positives are

that they are careful and conscientious, and clearly intended to be comprehensive and helpful.

They lack any tone of idiosyncrasy or obvious bias, they appear to have no axe to grind, they try hard to be objective and they try not to let the reviewer's personal predilections and preferences dominate the reviews.

To me their limitations are a s follows:

they are slow to appear,

they are written in an overly careful mode, too highly qualified and hedged; the writing is tedious and boring and  dry as dust, lacking verve and feeling.

they  lack contributions from experienced and credible users that would make them lively and give the reader a better sense of how the camera is in actual use.

The comparative images that accompany them are artificial (who cares about coins or fabrics?)

If I had to summarize, I find them too technocratic.  But for the engineers who populate  camera threads, they must hit the spot.

So I agree with your implication that some changes of tone and scope and communication style would be a definite help to many readers.

All the best,


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