Tripod recommendations for a 5D Mk3 + 70-200 F2.8

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Re: Tripod recommendations for a 5D Mk3 + 70-200 F2.8

i would suggest to try Gitzo 2 series, I currently have a RRS TVC-33 + BH55 as my main tripod but i do have a Gitzo 2531 for hiking trip, the 2531 is a very solid one, more than enough for small to mid size camera with 70-200 lens, much better than most of the Manfrotto i have tried. paired with something like a RRS BH 40 or Arca Swiss head you will have a pretty nice set up for years to come. i actually used the 2531+AS B1 to hold the 1Ds3+ 300 2.8 and still OK. so for small camera like 5D you can easily do it with that leg maybe even with a smaller head like the RRS BH-40. Bottom line is i don't believe such thing called "over killed" when it comes to tripod support, you can never get " too stable", only not stable enough, and not to forget you don't buy tripod every year, well, that's if you buy a good one the first time.

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