DPR's downhill slide continues with the Sony NEX 6 Review.

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Richard Franiec
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Re: I would suggest...

James Sherman wrote:

Richard Franiec wrote:

chillgreg wrote:

DonA2 wrote:

Richard Franiec wrote:

that if you see so much wrong with the DPR review, you should visit "User reviews" and write your own to your liking. Why start another inflammatory thread on Forums?



Well, he has repented, sort of.  Your 'write your own review'  is an excellent suggestion.  If nothing else, he is definitely a good writer.

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Don V. Armitage

Well thank you kind Sir. Maybe I shall do a mini review of the 5R. It certainly deserves one, living in the shadow of it's big brothers.

My suggestion stands.

Using Richard Franiec's logic (who may not be a troll, but didn't do himself any favours with such a pointless comment), if I didn't like my meal at a restaurant, I should just go and cook my own meal. Or if my mechanic didn't service my car to my satisfaction, I should buy some tools and do it myself. Maybe some people prefer to work that way.

Troll? How? Favours? I don't look for one. Pointless? I thought that my comment was right on point.

My favourite restaurant and mechanic enjoy the open and honest discourse I have with them, and appreciate my continued patronage and referrals rather than seeing me take my business elsewhere, potentially spreading negativity about them.

All good


Patronage for this website is not required. In other words, if you are not happy with the service, go somewhere else and leave satisfied "customers" alone.

Patronage at any business is not required, but if the customers aren't happy....  The fact is that reviews are very slow coming and consequently very much less use to those interested in new cameras/lenses.  It seems that we get a teaser announcement fairly quickly, but for whatever reason the conclusions take way too long to be useful.  Perhaps a bit less quantitative data might speed things up.

I remember highly anticipated and "late" review of Canon Powershot S100. It took several cameras (according to the review) to conclude that the lens has decentering issues varying from unit to unit. Supposedly, not a big deal for "real life" usage, yet, disturbing find for many potential buyers and manufacturer's QC (quickly addressed).

No other review site (with faster review) noticed the issue if I remember well.

If the DPR review is essential for making purchasing decision then maybe it is worth to wait a bit longer?



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