Thinking of swapping from MFT to full DSLR - Advice?

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Re: Thinking of swapping from MFT to full DSLR - Advice?

Pebbleheed wrote:

I'm still relatively new to photography. I bought a Panasonic GX1 a short while back and I'm pretty happy with it. I love the small size of it while enjoying using interchangeable lenses. However there are some points that are annoying me.

The main point with the GX1 is that lenses are expensive. I look at my friends with their Canon EOS 550D cameras as they pick up lenses for a fraction of what I pay for MFT lenses. They can in some cases get 2 or 3 lenses for just 1 of mine and to be honest I've not noticed a difference in quality that would justify the price difference.

Secondly is the depth of field. To get decent bokeh type backgrounds on my shots I have to be close up to my subjects. I have to be low down on the aperture. The DSLR cameras appear to be able to beat this in every way without having to get as close and without having to go as low on the aperture.

I enjoy taking my GX1 out with the 14mm pancake lens on to get some street shots, but when it comes to other shots such as macro or portrait I'm feeling a little let down to be honest. I'm starting to wonder if it's time to trade the GX1 in and go for a 550D in it's place?

Anyone else feel a little cheated on the MFT lens prices?

I accept that the small size we enjoy has to have let downs in other areas, but I'm trying to make up my mind to see if I can live with a little bigger a camera to get more benefits of a full DSLR.

I'm in the camp that thinks M43 lenses are a bargain when considering their performance. I've been a long time DSLR user that now shoots exclusively with M43.

Remember that depth of field and bokeh are two different things. Bokeh is the quality of the outer focus elements not how shallow the DOF is. So, if you are looking for more DOF control, that is valid, but lenses capable of shallow DOF can have terrible bokeh.

The greatest bargain is probably found in zoom lenses.

12-35 f2.8 $1100
35-100 f2.8 $1500

For Canon and Nikon respectives you're probably looking at the better part of $2000+ for 24-70 and 70-200 f2.8

Primes? The Panasonic 25mm f1.4 runs $500 compared to $330 for Canon's 50mm f1.4 but I would rather shoot with the Panasonic over the Canon if it came down to overall image quality. Other high quality or pro grade lenses such as those found in Canon's L line (granted that they are faster than most M43 prime lenses) are a lot more money ($1000-2000).

You mentioned Macro? Olympus 60mm Macro runs $500 and Canons 100mm Macro is $600. If you want the L variant with Image Stabilization and more/rounded aperture blades, that will run you $1000.

With any lens regardless of the camera that it is meant to go on, I always make sure to consider the value determined by the price to performance ratio.

But the real kicker for me is the compact size that M43 offers that DSLRs just cannot do, yet (but close). The OMD is a pure joy to shoot with.

It's important to note that both systems have their pros and cons. Some people even find the lack of DOF control to be a great advantage.

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