TG-2 sample shot at ISO 100 and my initial impression

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Re: TG-2 sample shot at ISO 100 and my initial impression

BorisK1 wrote:

Jefftan wrote:

BorisK1 wrote:

Jefftan wrote:

What I found is for wide position F2.8 is sharper than F2

That actually makes sense.  I ran the numbers in an online calculator:

and it says that a camera with a 1/2.3" sensor will only hit diffraction limit at f:4.

Hi Borisk1

I have another diffraction calculator from the same site which show

Sorry, I wasn't clear.  The calculator I used, showed that at F:4, the shot becomes "diffraction limited", but at F:2.8, it is not.  There wasn't a selection of F:3, so I didn't try it.

Here's my (very limited) understanding of the concepts involved.

The "Airy disk":  When you take a picture of a single dot, the lens (because of diffraction) projects it on the sensor as a circle. (We're talking of an "ideal" lens here.  Real lenses introduce optical imperfections that will make the shape not-quite-circular, and possibly colored).

The resolution becomes "diffraction limited" when the diameter of the airy disk is larger than the pixel pitch.  The diameter of the airy disk increases as you close down the aperture.

Closing the aperture down past the diffraction limit reduces resolution.


So why are there 2 calculators on the same site? Are they the same?

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