Wet Cleaning a sensor

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Re: Wet Cleaning a sensor

RobertJPhotography wrote:

what exactly is "wet cleaning"a sensor...please, and can I do it?

This should be posted in the forum devoted to your camera.  Or, in "Open Talk."  Or in "Beginner's Questions."

You'll likely find more helpful responses there. . . this forum is devoted to the DP challenges and related subjects.

But a short answer to your question:  It is (I believe) using a solution (ie, "wet") to clean the sensor, along with a perfectly clean swab.  Yes, you can do it.  *Should* you do it?  That is up to you . . . the process is not terribly difficult, but it also is not without risk--especially if you are are unfamiliar with the cleaning process.  Maybe take the camera in to have it professionally done (will almost always be less than $25 USD), and ask to watch it being done the first time?  This will give you first-hand exposure to the process, and you can then decide if it's something you want to take on yourself.

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