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jrdigitalart wrote:

SandyF wrote:

Philosophically, I personally do that... look in the mirror.

That's the spirit, Sandy!

I ... and quite a few people here.... try to be helpful, stay out of 'fights' etc. Thus my own disagreement with the original post, which condems everyone.... you, me, all those who are indeed trying to participate in a positive and helpful manner. I feel the blanket condemnation is unwarranted.

As for giving trolls a break, why? Their fundamental intent is to deceive, disrupt, voice hatred, instill unrest, discredit advice and waste genuine helpers productivity. That deserves exposure.

No.  Those things you list are not the intent, but the tools by which they achieve their goal, which is to get as large of a reaction, by as many people possible, as they possibly can.  Any reaction, and as much reaction as possible.   They generally probably don't even believe a third of what they say.  "Exposing" this behavior, just "feeds" them, as whatever you may point out will end up in debate, and drag a thread into 150 posts of back n'forth drivel.

Kendall provided a link to a suitable example..  How many people in this thread attempted to expose the troll? Do yo consider their efforts were successful?

Ignore, ignore, ignore.

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