Looking for a good travel lens with good zoom for a Canon camera

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Re: Looking for a good travel lens with good zoom for a Canon camera

Oh yeah, about that extender, you might consider two things before you get a 2x extender.  First of all if you get a Canon extender, it will not work with the 15-85 no matter which one you get.  A Canon 1.4x extender will work just fine with the 70-200, but a Canon extender 2x will not auto-focus with that lens.  So if you are happy with the reach on your Tamron at 270 mm, you can get a Canon 1.4 extender and you will get 280mm out of your 70-200.

Along with that, it is worth considering that most folks posting here seem to like the 1.4's, but the 2.0's are more controversial.  A lot of posters here seem to think that resolution takes to much of a hit when you push the lens that far.  (But to be fair, their are a few people shooting with stacked extenders who seem to get useable images.)

So if you just want to match what you have gotten used to on the long end of your Tamron, the 1.4 will do the trick, and your telephone will work just as it should.  If you want something you can use on both lenses, you will have to get a third-party unit.

Have fun out there, and when you come back, post your best stuff!

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