Has the X20 met or failed your expectations?

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Re: Has the X20 met or failed your expectations?

The camera has both exceeded my expectations, and fallen a bit short.  The macro capability is amazing, sharp corner to corner, much sharper that one would expect.  Perhaps the lens/sensor combo is optimized for macro???

The amount of noise in the some pics is objectionable, in others no problem.  I am still tinkering with settings, I find that shooting raw and converting in Lightroom gives best results, but silkypix conversions are pretty nice too, a bit richer color with equivalent sharpness.-- first pic is a macro+ setting, 3cm shell in the sand:

I was impressed with the in-camera monchrome mode, very nice tonality.  Noise at 1600 not at all objectional ---to me.  YMMV  ( OOC JPEG)

Here's a macro shot that seems to suffer a bit of the watercolor smearing in the glass (?), I don't recall what noise setting I had at the time--I like the bokeh!!  OOC JPEG at ISO 100

ANother  OOC JPEG at ISO 400, very nice tonality and low noise, decent sharpness.

Last, an example where expectations were not met----the black rubber hose does not look much different in tone than the faded black screen grill. Watercolor effect?  Lack of microcontrast?  Just the limitations of the little sensor being displayed?

The downside of shooting in monochrome mode is that JPEG engine, better results would obtain by shooting RAW in color and processing DNG in Silver EFEX.  I'll try that and see what happens.  The upside is----the camera is always with me on a neckstrap, weighs next to nothing, and gives pretty good results.  WOn't be printing 20x30, but for web applications, Facebook, emails etc it's a winner.  Can't wait until it warms up a little and my bees get flying to get some macro shots in the apiary!  The camera does require some study, practice  and experience to get good results. On balance, I'd give it a solid B.

the photographer formerly known as 'Kallitype'

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