X100s - how to select split image?

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Re: Really??

No problems this end guys, not offended with any of the posts.   People are entitled to their opinions.  I am using firmware 1:01.  I do know how to read the manual but was a bit excited and impatient with my new purchase so jumped on here rather than being bothered with the manual.

Look - lets put this into perspective.  I think there is definitely a problem/over exaggeration, with the capabilities of the auto-focus on the new X100s.  Am I disappointed - yes?   I read a lot of the hype on here and expected faster auto-focus.  Is it a problem - no?

Fuji proved themselves with the original X100, they addressed the problems very quickly with firmware updates, and turned a dud camera into a very capable camera.  I love my X100 and it is part of my basic kit now for travel photography.   Will I replace it with the new X100s - sure.  Overall it is much more pleasurable to use than the original one - just much faster all around.   Therefore, the problems I am finding with the auto-focus - I am not too concerned.   I know that Fuji will fix those for us very quickly.




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