Can the X20 be saved? :-)

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Re: Can the X20 be saved? :-)

TEBnewyork wrote:

Midwest wrote:

The X10 got the benefit of every conceivable doubt on Earth and the X20 gets condemned as no good after a dozen shots get posted. From what I've seen thus far I'd take an X20 any day over an X10.

I picked up an X20 last week. The viewfinder alone was worth the upgrade to me. I haven't shot a tremendous number of images but I'm not seeing any big issues. Yes, the sky did strike me as having more noise than I was expecting but at the end of the day this is still a small sensor camera and I don't expect to get X100s or X-pro1 high ISO results. To me there are just so many things that are right with this camera compared to other compacts that I felt perfectly fine letting my Sony RX100 go.

To me the X20 has a soul and so many of its competitors don't.

right on.  I have shot about 300 pics with the X20, still tinkering with settings, trying to get the least noise with the best detail.  It is a bit of a challenge, with the various settings for dynamic range, noise, sharpness, etc ---not to mention the various modes.  I found the "adv" setting that shoots 4 images in a burst and combines them, to reduce noise in low level light---a novel idea. It is a really flexible little gem.

I love the portability, the focusing is fast but I wish the focus point box stayed in the OVF all the  time, instead of appearing on the half-press of the shutter button.  I was initially disappointed with the noise level in sky, but am learning how to mitigate it.  On the very plus side, monochrome is great, and macro is extremely nice.

I plan on getting a Sigma DP2Merrill for those rare forays into ultra-resolution land, such as the desert southwest parks, but the X20 will be my "go-to" choice for the foreseeable future.  I don't really miss my X100.  Here's an interior shot at ISO 800, in-camera monochrome

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