Why I'm sending back my X100S (autofocus)

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Re: Why I'm sending back my X100S (autofocus)

Please look at the images at 1:1.  The first clearly suffers from camera shake.  Look at the lettering on the signs to the right of the subject and the logo on the subjects hat.  Clearly camera shake not OOF.

And on the second I believe Zach's comment is absolutely spot on.  I have learned to put the AF entirely on my subject with a strong contrast line within that same plane.  For some months after I got my early delivery X100, I thought the strong vertical line I needed was the vertical edge of the subject and I was mightily disappointed because more often than not the object in focus was the background.

Practice with a small box and get at least 90+% of the box on the subject that is in the plane of focus you want.  If the CDAF can it will focus on the background.  If you don't allow that box to see any of the background you have solved that problem.

PS: I don't know a thing about the 100S as I only have the 100 and am not likely to "upgrade" any time soon.

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