Primates with D800 and 500VR

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Re: Primates with D800 and 500VR

Testing123 wrote:

Hi Glenn, as always, thanks for sharing your outstanding work with us.

I noticed that most of the captures were done with a relatively slow shutter speed 1/30, 1/40, etc., with only the red-capped mangabey being at 1/100. I find this interesting (especially with moving subjects) as I have struggled with getting stationary subjects as sharp as you have done here even while using faster shutter speeds. My D800 is now back from Nikon service. I should be able to test in the next day or two.



Thanks for the kind words, Allen.  Coincidentally, I am just now drafting a blog entry about maintaining sharp images with relatively show shutter speeds.  For the images in this thread, all were taken with the camera/lens secured to a stable tripod and gimbal head, all used the lens with VR activated, fill flash helps freeze any action a bit and taking several exposures helps improve the odds of getting a sharp one as part of the series.

Best of luck with your D800...


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