NEX 6 - I could kick myself!

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Re: NEX 6 - I could kick myself!

lmtfa wrote:

I just new I and anyone who bought the 6 should have waited for the review to warn us of this crappy camera. I thought I was having fun, looking at colorful almost noise free images. My fingers lied to me, they told me I was changing settings with ease but no I was supposed to go through the menu's instead of that pesky Fn button that have the majority of the settings I use.  All this time has gone by without pressing that video button by accident, those two guys were right I did miss having that button ruin a shot or my being able to scratch the inside of my thumb, it tickled. The touch screen, now there's a major deal breaker. I mean, I missed my big fat oily finger prints on that screen, you know the nostalgia, remembering how a screen looked at Best Buy. Throw in Wi-Fi and a couple of bucks for apps let alone there will not be an upgraded 6 for quite awhile, no rumors of a 6fu is darn depressing. Thanks you two silly heads for the bad news, as soon as I get off the toilet seat I'm chucking that piece of junk.

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Oh, so good. When I first your post (at 2am), I thought you were serious. Now, I just read it again (while actually awake) and realized you were being sarcastic. Awesome, really awesome! I was laughing so hard I nearly spat out the food that I was eating.

Well, I'm a noob at photography, but I have to say that I'm really enjoying the NEX-6. Here are a bunch of reviews that I read/watched that helped me decide on the NEX-6, all of which seemed to describe the camera in a better light than what DPReview concluded.

Ephotozine: 4-1/2 stars

Cnet: Editor's Choice

Digital Digest

John Sison:

Digital Rev Com:

Steve Huff: Recommends the NEX-6 over the NEX-7

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